A little local life

Isn't it always an experience peering into the lives and homes of others? I think one of the things that makes travelling and visiting relatives so culturally insightful, is that you leave behind the duties and responsibilities you possess at home and blindly follow the practices of those abroad. Duties consisted of 7 am wake ups, brisk uphill walks through back alleys and consuming noodles for breakfast which would normally be eaten for lunch or dinner back at home. 

Days were spent with walks to the morning markets in search of ingredients for dinner while consecutively eating breakfast, drives to the best restaurant to purchase duck (five sections over) and running through the rain wearing my uncle's sandals. Evenings were spent with late night supper runs just because, watching Astro and listening to the calls of a bao van driving around the streets every Tuesday night just incase the locals had a craving for char siu bao, lo mai gai or were too lazy to venture out into the rain for food.