Exploring Malaysia: SS2's Morning Market

I almost couldn't believe that this was my second visit to Malaysia in a span of six months. The burning temperature I had felt in April had somewhat disappeared and was replaced with high humidity levels and buckets of rain in December. In order to embrace the wet season, I figured that there is no better way to spend your mornings in Petaling Jaya than by visiting the neighbourhood morning wet market (pasar pagi) at SS2.

The markets are alive with colour, noise, smells, sounds and sights. Back to the gritty markets, where food is fresh and locals sell large quantities of fruits from trucks, the markets are a favourite of mine to visit. Morning markets just so vibrant and full of colour. Ladies selling jade set up shops on the side of the road and dumpling stalls lure passers by with their steaming bao. Different from the night markets, the pasar pagi sells the peanut pancakes I love. Plus, there are less mosquitos.