Perth Twilight Hawker Markets

A quick and not so wordy post today as I have taken up most of your bandwith with the loading of my food photos. Having been living in Perth for twenty one years and having seen a fantastic variety of weather elements - one sure fire way that I know summer is upon us is with the Twilight Hawker Markets. Beginning in November and fading away into the first hottest months of the year after, the Hawker Markets are where the food party is at on a Friday night in the city - Forrest Place.

The Twilight Hawker Markets are Perth's attempt at their own Night Noodle Market, one which has become so very multicultural and flavoursome, lighting up little tastebuds all over the flavour spectrum. There's Moroccan food, Asian food, throw a shrimp on the barbie and stick a skewer in it food and even live performances and music to add to the Friday Foodie Funtimes (this is what I call it). You have your typical culprits who are there Friday after Friday, but on the odd occasion food stalls you've never heard nor seen before will suddenly appear. And almost always, there will be good foodie surprises.

It's a great way to say goodbye to the working week. It will usually entail a visit to the markets, lining up for food at a stall with some friends, some of which will roll you home with big food babies and then calling it a night. You could even stop for a bit of shopping before Friday Night Late Night ends at 9pm.