Pasta Fiends

I thoroughly enjoy Jamie's Italian. Furthermore I enjoy it most with my lovely friend Annie. Jamie's is often jam packed full of people and for the first few months of its opening you would be incredibly fortunate to get a table during normal lunch and dinner hours. Of course we were incredibly delighted when the waitress told us she had a little table available.

It's still fairly booked out for dinners and requires bookings in advance. Sometimes you do get lucky and going for a slightly earlier dinner will find you waiting about ten minutes before you soon find yourself tucking into the food on offer on their menu.

Fabulous food and even better company, Jamie's Italian provided a great backdrop to our Friday date-night catch up. We weren't disappointed and enjoyed a super evening. Note: the Tagliatelle Bolognese and the Spaghetti Alla Norma are especially yummy. For some reason every time Annie and I venture out, it's pasta we find sitting in front of us.  I loved the way the assorted bread was presented in a little noodle box with just the right amount of balsamic and olive oil, I was almost tempted to order another box.

Dinner was followed with a trip to Superstar Waffles, hand in hand with a green tea latte. It was a fantastic night full of thigh slapping laughs, the talk of travel plans and hilarious discussions surrounding incidents at work. We found ourselves engrossed in deep conversation, the type where we forget where we are and what perhaps we should or should not allow for public consumption. But oh well!