To Market, To Market

There is something incredibly refreshing about waking up early on weekends. Most weekends of mine are spent running around doing errands, tutoring high schoolers and most definitely not spent sleeping in. So what made this particular morning weekend wake up different? I guess it was that I was up earlier than usual and off for a stroll around the markets and breakfast. The weather was beautiful with the warm sun out in the early hours of the morning and the brisk cool air washing over me as I walked around the markets with Suzanna.

My market plans with Suzanna included a visit to Leederville's Sunday Morning Markets. Little but quaint, the food stalls and friendly people warmed up the cool morning air, welcoming the early risers with a smile. Soups, freshly baked breads, pastas and farm fresh fruits and veg littered the Leederville carpark just off Oxford Street, across from the newly established Bills Bar and Bites. We did a little market hopping, driving down the road after Leederville's Market to Subiaco's later that morning. I love the freshness of the food, the smells and the bustle.

Subiaco markets are incredibly popular for those that live north of the river and aren't too keen on driving to the even bigger Fremantle Markets early in the morning. I would arrive about 9am however, as when it reaches late morning the crowds are definitely hustling and it gets a little difficult to manouevre around the fresh markets. And if you're unlucky like me, you may at some stage drop your flowers after bumping into someone! But if you're also lucky like me, you'll have a beautiful friend who will pick them up and dust them off for you.