Sunday Saloon

Unpretentious, honest food is always a good idea. Good food with good people is an even better one. Meet Chantel, an old soul with the warmest of hearts. It's been too long and far between catch ups with this lovely girl. We often find ourselves asking each other why it's taken so long to finally manage to lock in some one on one time and more often than not it's because of clashing and competing schedules, the daily grind (not the good coffee kind) and a bad case of terrible timing. 

It's always wonderful to catch up with Chantel. Hands are placed on the table, sometimes held, other times hitting each other with laughter. Our conversation hopped from topic to topic - love, loss and new achievements. Goals we promised ourselves we'd reach and obstacles we hadn't realised we had overcome. All of which were discussed of course, over Low Key's delectable delights. 

Low Key was buzzing, the warm lights from inside shone out the windows along the Oxford Strip and was a recluse from the cool Sunday evening. Tables had been snaffled up but Chan had the forethought to book ahead and we found ourselves in the corner of the restaurant by the window. 

Some pondering was done and recommendations were made from someone who seemingly frequents Low Key a little too often. New dishes were tried and tested, wine was had and snaps to jealous friends were taken. The gyoza was placed on our table first. Next came the mantou buns (seriously too good although I don't think anything will beat the first time I tried them) and our satay and kimchi salad soon followed. The lovely night was wrapped up with an azuki and strawberry crepe and a five spice sticky date pudding with warm butterscotch and a generous dollop of ice cream. 

The rest of the night was spent discussing men, awkward situations and the good old days. Words were read and giggled about and boosts of earnest encouragement from both parties along the lines of "If she can do it, I can do it too!" were expressed with fists clenched. Chantel is an avid writer and I know that in the future she will wonderfully affect the hearts of all those who are lucky to have her words grace them. Until her inevitable best seller is published it's journal scribblings and notepads from here. 

Thank you Chan for putting the time aside for such a lovely night, one that ended in hard goodbyes and promises of funny pictures of men making bad decisions.