Invitations to me, are little sneak previews of your event. They relay important information but also set the tone of the anticipated night. Not only do they tie together beautiful details but they are often kept as momentos by your guests. To me, invitations are just as important as the cake and without them you might just end up eating that cake by yourself...

I have previously mentioned my excitement for my 21st Birthday and spoke of beautiful invitations designed by a talented graphic designer,iamthewong. He also just so happens to be a good friend of mine. His work is incredible and gets even more stunning over time. So head over to his website and check out these beautiful invitations he's designed as well as some of his other pieces of work.  He has done an assortment of pieces and for those in Perth you may recognise his work from a few chalkboards from the Fringe Festival.

These invitations were so gorgeous I needed to see my own name written on my own invitation and to be honest I'm glad because this one is all mine to keep forever (or until the glue tape stops being sticky but even then I'll take it to my grave). Every time Matthew sent me through a draft of the invitation or a different component I would be filled with excitement and anticipation and each time I would be amazed and satisfied with what he produced.

To be honest I hated having to choose between designs because each would be so wonderful and aesthetically appealing and interesting to look at and it was excruciating to say no to some of the work he had produced. It's hard making decisions when everything presented to you is of such a high and beautiful standard. The invitations guided the look for the Guestbook, Drinks Menu and Guestbook instructions which you can see below.

The colours worked wonderfully and the theme matched my personalised bouquets on each table, encompassing everything I love about handcrafted type and the colour palette I had picked. Information was displayed beautifully and practically, with the overall design possessing the same balance and consistency throughout. Friends and their parents would constantly compliment my invitations and I would have to relay the well deserved credit back to their creator - who of course was giddy and happy and with such beautiful designs and hard work I would be too.

Matthew is available for commissions and if you're looking for something a little different but characteristically beautiful you can't go past iamthewong.

Below photos, courtesy of Jun Song.