Sushia Izakaya

Date night with Jason was spent at Sushia Izayaka along St George's Terrace near Brookfield Place. The food is delicious but you can find yourself easilly racking up quite a costly order. A tip to all Sushia go-ers. Order a few at a time and pace yourself so you have room for dessert. Because trust me, the dessert platter is so good. Instead of just one dessert you get to sample five different things and each need to be celebrated in their own right.

Banana and redbean wraps are pictured on the left, along with a favourite of mine - taro ice cream in the shape of a mochi ball. Chocolate cake with apple jelly and tofu cheesecake (which I could never have imagined before but I am so glad someone has thought of it!) And of course green tea and sesame ice cream is included on the platter but overall each dish each season changes.