South Diary

Apologies for the very long post of photos from my trip down south with two friends and my boyfriend, but the Western Australian Coast and waters are just too beautiful not to show off. We ventured down to Busselton, about a 3 and a half hours drive south of Perth and stayed at the Grand Mecure Busselton in the Presidential Bungalow, which was incredibly inviting, homely and just the right size for four of us. We had many good nights in front of the television in the evenings watching bad horror movies after a long day of walking and trekking the bushland.

We visited Busselton, stopped at Margaret River (as well as various little towns along the way) and drove down to Cape Natraliste. On the way we came across a beautiful plain we couldn't help but take photos of and ventured along to the famous whale watching spots but had missed the season by about a month or two as they swim by in October, not December when we were there.

Anthony and Lisa ran around the mazes with us, playing different puzzles and getting lost in the high hedges. It was an incredibly fun experience and the next time you have a spare long weekend I definitely suggest seeing more of what's in your back yard. We literally had the beach as our backyard for a few days which was surreal and the sky and air in the country is so refreshing you forget that you've just gotten accustomed to city living. It's a literal and metaphorical breath of fresh air.