Singapore Diary

Singapore was a whirlwind of food and colourful lights. Jason and I went to Singapore two days prior to Malaysia and stayed at a super sweet boutique hotel - The Wanderlust Hotel. It was kitsch and incredibly quirky, with each floor having its own distinct theme and layout and each room on each floor presenting different things it offered. We stayed in the pop up art rooms located on the third floor of the hotel, the art and decor were surreal and incredibly cool, with all of the powers and sources of lighting right by our bedside. The lobby smelt of citrus and served french inspired breakfasts every second morning. The halls were lit with l.e.d cursive quotes and the fourth floor had colour coordinated rooms. There was also the option to stay in a big dream room, one a jungle and one a rocket ship which looked like a young astronaut's dream.

We ran around Marina Bay sands, snapping touristy shots and trying out whatever food we could lay our hands on. For the most part on the first night we just went to the shopping quarter under Orchard Road and maybe had eight different types of takoyaki. I can't remember exactly but I do know it was a lot because it just tasted so good I kept going back for more. That's one thing I love about Singapore, the food. Although some of it isn't perhaps as cheap as what is on sale in Malaysia, the range is there and it is just as delicious. Cakes and pies are in excess in Singapore and you can never have enough.

Sentosa was visited as was every shopping mall we could stumble into and we had a good run on the MRT lines. Toast Box was a must on the second morning and more photos were taken and a little less shopping done as we perceived a lot of it would be occurring in Malaysia over the next few days. I will always love and miss Singapore and each time I go back I forget how warm it actually is and that it does have a tropical climate. I think however, I do miss the safeness of Singapore and how you can walk around anywhere at any time (12am permitting during weekdays because of the MRT) and still feel safe and part of the rich and bustling city.