Visiting Japan was all about seeing what it was like to be in the country that created my beloved anime I watched as a child. For many others it's the same need. Tokyo prides itself for its innovation, technological prowess and ability to make fantasy meet reality. The city itself is a labyrinth of lights, sounds and culture and sights, a place where you'll always be occupied.




Kyoto is a haven of Japanese culture. Just visiting the shrines, temples and national parks is enough to make your head dizzy. You can't go past a train ride to the bamboo forest.  A gradient of green chases up the stalks, reaching the top where the bamboo gently sway in the wind and the sunlight seeps through. Sure, walking the streets of Kyoto you may find a few ladies dressed in kimonos, but you'll also come across a buzzing and up to date, efficient, clean and technological hub of a city. It's a perfect mix of when modernity and tradition comes together the way it should.