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Kit and Kate

A beautiful collection of shoes for little adventurers. 

Beau est Mien Collection Two

The Beau est Mien 2016 Botanical Collection Bloom Voyage was a beautiful collection rich in colour, patterns and floral stories. The beauty and power of flowers can no doubt be felt through the inspirational collection of stationary sets, cards, postcards, tote bags and notebooks.


An exercise in light, depth and shadow - there is nothing quite so captivating as that of a petal.

Food Dudes

Food Dudes - food with personality in a twenty page zine. This magazine illustrated and designed by Graphic Designer Matthew Wong (I am the Wong) comes in limited editions of one hundred, partnered with a riso print of one of the spreads titled 'Live Burgers'. Purchase yours here.

Collection One

I worked closely with the lovely and talented team at Beau est Mien in the production of these images for social media, website, Etsy store and stock lists. The brief: beautiful images and the feeling of home. A job made easy by the beautiful artwork and products created by Magali Dincher, Creative Director and owner of Beau est Mien.

Chophouse for peckvonhartel

peckvonhartel, a leading national and international practice delivering architecture, interior design and project facilitation services, was commissioned to undertake the design of the Chophouse restaurant in Perth. The design is simple yet balanced with texture, patterns and warm colours. The interior is New York inspired, with a "Country Manor" style evident in its brass trims and detailing. 

Beau est Mien